St Paul's Steiner


The Trustees of both charities have overall legal responsibility; they are responsible for ensuring that the charities are run in accordance with their stated primary objectives, provide strategic leadership and robust accountability to the school and ensure that their assets are protected.  

The trustees are elected by the members of the Association or can be co-opted by other trustees.  

New trustees require two references as well as a DBS and Section 128 check. They undergo an orientation session to brief them on their legal obligations under charity and company law, the content of the memorandum and articles of association, the decision-making processes, the business plan as well as recent financial performance of the charity. They are given a tour of the building and an outline of current projects. Significant training in all areas of compliance continues throughout their term. 

Working as a team, the trustees give their time voluntarily to support, and challenge the Leadership team as they strive for the best outcomes for the children. The trustees meet twice a term formally, but in practice usually meet more often and in smaller groups and with their counterparts within the school depending on their portfolio. 

The school is always keen to strengthen the Board with trustees from beyond the school with the relevant knowledge and experience. 

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a trustee, please email the school office at

The Board is:

Belle Benson

Chair of Trustees


Belle was appointed as Trustee in 2018 and became Chair in June 2019. She is a parent of 3 children ( two of which have graduated from St Paul’s ) and has been an enthusiastic member of the community for 14 years. Belle has a Masters in Fine Arts, but has spent most of her career managing teams and staff in entrepreneurial ventures in the world of Fashion and Interior Design, and most recently running a consultancy for creative entrepreneurs. She has been involved in many aspects of the school from running events and fundraisers, to co-chairing the St Paul’s Community Group.

Matt René


Outgoing Communications Trustee


Matt works in television, most recently as Producer and Director on a BAFTA nominated children’s comedy drama. His profession has given him skills that are very useful in his portfolio as he is well versed in disseminating information out to large teams in a timely fashion and understands the importance of a transparent and clear message.Matt was Steiner educated from Kindergarten until Class 11 and now all three of his children attend St. Paul’s. His hope as a Trustee is to help offer an encouraging and outward facing perspective and promote the wonderful ethos of our school.

Jayne Thomas

Quality of Education Early Years


Jayne became a Trustee in Summer 2020.  She is a fully qualified, accredited and experienced psychotherapist with a Masters in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and has been working therapeutically with families for over 10 years.  Her previous career was in the Voluntary Sector, working in the fields of disability and palliative care.  Her first degree was in English Literature and she has a strong interest in theatre, music and literature, and has written and directed a full length play performed by a local theatre group.  She hopes her psychotherapy training, organisational skills, and commitment to community involvement will add value to the Board of Trustees and to St Paul’s.

Roberta Renton



Roberta has years of experience working in Accounting and Finance, and has most recently been working with independent schools as both a director and a trustee. 

Roberta and her globetrotting family (2 adults, 2 kids and a cat named Barney) have lived in the UK, Canada and the USA . She has a strong affinity for and connection to Steiner education as her son attended the Chicago Waldorf School in the US.

Neil Kahawatte



Neil is a Chartered Architect who runs a studio based in North London. Prior to his architectural training he was educated from Kindergarten to Class 11 at a Steiner School. In parallel with his work in architectural practice he has undertaken various roles in architectural education, as a tutor, design critic, and examiner. 

Neil joined St Paul’s Steiner School as a Trustee in 2021, with a focus on its Grade II* Listed building. He hopes that his work will help children from a range of backgrounds enjoy the same creative and holistic education which he was so grateful to receive.

Dominique Moore



Dominique is a successful actor, producer, and mentor. Six years ago, she established DMA London, which mentors and coaches young actors all over the world. As the Founder and Director of DMA, Dominique has experience in creating and implementing marketing and communications strategies that are not only engaging but accessible to all. Dominique is also the founder of Non-Profit organisation The DMA Foundation and is a trustee on the board of the National Youth Arts Trust which exists to address “inequality in the performing arts industry and to ensure a career in the Arts is accessible to all”  

She is passionate about creating opportunities for positive change, and believes her role as the Communications Trustee for St Paul's Steiner School will give her the opportunity to do this.  

Mark Dalton



Mark has worked in the finance industry for more than 25 years, previously as an investment banker based in Toronto, New York, and London, and he now runs a specialist capital markets firm based in the City. He is a CFA and holds a Masters in Finance from LBS. 

His three sons attend three different schools, with his youngest currently at St Paul’s, giving him as a parent exposure to a wide range of educational systems and management styles. 

Mark grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. 

He became the  Development Trustee in 2023, in which capacity he is responsible for the development of the philanthropic strategy for the two Charities St Paul’s Steiner School and St Paul’s Steiner Building.

Simon Birch

Quality of Education and SEND for Classes


Simon has worked in Education and Social Care for 35 years with the latter decade in school leadership, including as team leader for St Pauls in 2019. He also served as School Lead at Elmfield Steiner School and York Steiner School. He has supported Hereford, Michael Hall and Cambridge Steiner Schools as an adviser and mentor. He has also worked in local schools and with families on behaviour as a consultant. He sits on Foster Care Panels in Birmingham and is a Governor at a local primary School (The Willows in Timperley). 

He is a passionate supporter of St Paul’s and welcomes the opportunity to use his experience across schools to continue to see St Paul's thrive into the future. 

Laura Clarke



Laura is a therapist with many years of experience working with children and young people in primary and secondary schools in London. She is currently school counsellor in a large comprehensive in Tower Hamlets. Prior to becoming a therapist, Laura was International Coordinator of human rights INGO Peace Brigades International and as a senior staff member became very familiar with the role and responsibilities of a governing body. She lived for many years in South America and has a degree in Oriental Studies from Cambridge University.

Laura’s son was a recent pupil at St. Paul’s from Kindergarten through to Class VIII. As a former parent Laura feels a special affection for the school and is delighted to return to the community as a trustee.

Jeremy Deacon

Teaching and Learning - Quality of Education


After his Steiner education in Edinburgh Jeremy studied Literature and Philosophy in London. What originally was intended as a year in the south of Germany turned into a lifelong residence and he has been working as an English and Class Teacher at Waldorf Schools in Germany ever since. He has three grown up children and lives with his wife in Berlin.

Jeremy sees his work at St. Paul’s as an exciting opportunity to share his experience and contribute to the school movement in his home country.