St Paul's Steiner


 Early Years Funding:

There are several ways by which parents can currently access government funding to pay for kindergarten, and lunch club fees at St Paul's. Our aim is to ensure all parents are aware of these possibilities.  Further information can be found here. St Paul's is able to offer a maximum of 15 funded hours, but two parent families in which both parents are working and single parents who are working, may also be entitled to an additional 15 hours. These additional 15 funded hours can be used to pay for other Ofsted registered childcare such as nannies and childminders, provided they accept the government funding. It is not possible for St Paul’s to offer funded hours at lunch club under the current government guidelines but parents can use the government’s tax free childcare scheme to pay for lunch club fees. Further details of eligibility criteria for the 30 hours funding are available here:


Community-supported fee assistance at the school

St Paul’s Steiner School is committed to providing a Steiner education to children from a broad social and financial background by offering eligible parents/legal guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of school fees. Such support is known as Community Supported Fee Assistance (CSFA). For further information please download the document below. 

Our objectives are to support families with more than one child (Sibling discount), and low-income families that otherwise would not afford Steiner education that are committed to the educational principles of a Steiner school and require genuine financial assistance. We also support staff with children in the school (Staff discount).

CSFA, staff and sibling discounts amount to around 10% of the school’s yearly income. 

As part of the admission process, new families/ applicants can apply for CSFA during the academic year provided there is money left in the CSFA pot and they meet all the requirements.

Families who are already receiving Nursery Education Grant (NEG) will not be eligible to apply for Community Supported Fee Assistance (CSFA).

Application/Review Process

The required documents on the application form are not an exhaustive list. During the review process, further documents might be required, in which case we will write to the families. 

Please note that the attached CSFA calculator on this page is a guide as to whether a family is eligible or not to apply for CSFA and gives a brief idea on the subsidy amount to be received. The fee subsidy does not represent the final figure. Extensive review is done once the application form and all documents are received and the amount is subject to change. 

Good communication between parents and the School’s teachers and staff is important to us and an essential part of Steiner education. The process of applying for CSFA might entail further questions to ensure we have the full picture before a decision can be made. The process is confidential. We expect staff to be treated with dignity and respect during this process. We will not hesitate to protect our staff from harassment of any kind, and could mean the process is stopped and CSFA denied.

The deadline for applications is 28th February 2024.

The CSFA Calculator can also be downloaded below.