St Paul's Steiner

Diversity Group

St Paul’s diversity group has been running since early 2018 and was created in response to parents asking about how our school community can develop our practice in relation to diversity and inclusion.  Its recommendations are advisory. Its early achievements include guidelines on inclusive depictions, the introduction of gender-neutral topics, and the identification of key areas to work on. 

Parents and staff can join our mailing list, and contribute to the discussion at meetings, held at least twice a term. The aim is to listen to questions and issues raised, hear about how the school is responding, and suggest ways to develop our practise through discussion and research. 

Like all schools, St Paul’s follows the guidance of the Equality Act 2010, which outlines our responsibility to protect people from discrimination. The work of the diversity group was recognised as a strength of the school by Ofsted in our 2019 inspection report.

The group has always been open to new members and we actively recruit through our website, Friday flier, class representatives and AGM. We undertake research and generate ideas to take to the school for consideration, aiming to make the school as inclusive as possible. The value of recruiting widely for the diversity group is that we hear different perspectives from a range of people within our community. We welcome new voices – you can contact us to raise a question, or contribute a suggestion, or join the group and become part of our ongoing meetings.

Our intention is expressed in this quote from Rudolf Steiner:

A healthy social life is found when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds it’s reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living

The Diversity Group is chaired by:

Leeto Thale

Deputy chair


If you would like to join the diversity group, please contact :

Stephanie Gill, our Equality and Diversity Lead

The following teachers are staff members of the diversity group:

Elizabeth Perrett (Class II teacher)

Stephane Azarian (French teacher)

Stephanie Gill (Chestnut Tree kindergarten teacher, EDL) 

 Diversity Trustee, Daniel Zylbersztajn - Lewandowski.


ANTI-RACISM statement approved by the Diversity Group and the college of teachers:

We are resolved explicitly and publicly to affirm that we are an anti-racist school.

We acknowledge that racism can be unconscious or unintentional.

We accept that we need to listen and learn,

We promise to purposefully discuss and challenge issues of race and colour and its impact on our school, its systems and its people.

We challenge ourselves to understand and to continue to discover and correct inequalities we may find.

We commit to our anti-racism in a way that can be reflected in the life and culture of our school and all its policies.

We are resolved to develop as individuals and as a collective to dismantle racism at school and in society as a whole.