St Paul's Steiner


I felt that the teachers cared about every single student and treated them as individual people more than anywhere I have studied so far. It made me aware that I was a singular person but also part of a community.

Edie, former pupil

Head Teacher 

Ms Anna Retsler

Chair of College

Ms Anna Retsler (acting)


Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs Tamara Allen

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads 

Ms Anna Retsler

& Ms Elena Oliver Andres

Early Years

Mulberry Bush Kindergarten


Mrs Julia Allan (Early Years Manager)

Early Years Childhood Practitioner:

Ms Eriko Kawashima

Rosebush Kindergarten


Ms Elena Oliver Andres (Deputy DSL)

Early Years Childhood Practitioner:


Sumaya Guendouze

Apple Tree Kindergarten

Ms Sarah Newby (Chair of Early Years Meeting)

Early Years Childhood Practitioner:

Maria Crockett

Chestnut Tree Kindergarten
Teachers: Mrs Maria Brooks and Ms Very Garcia


Outdoor Kindergarten Teacher:

Ms Sevim Metin

Kindergarten Eurythmy Teacher
Mrs Diana Constantin Skinner (SWSF representative)

Class Teachers

Class I:

Mrs Shefali Gudka

Class II: 

Ms Stephanie Göebel

Class III: 

Ms Achala Wickramaratne

Class IV: 

Mrs Heulwen-Rose Miller

Class V:

Class VI: 

Ms Simone Freeman 

Class VII:

Ms Georgina Tate

Class VIII: 

Mr Ethan Reeves (Chair of Teachers meeting)


Subject Teachers and Support Staff


Eurythmy Class I – VIII: 

Mrs Diana Constantin Skinner (SWSF representative)



Dr Andriana Minou

French Language: 

Mr Stephane Azarian (Chair of the Subject teacher meeting, Wellbeing Lead)



Michael -BADU Sports



Ms Martha Garland



Ms Carolina Pintos


Drama & English: 

Mrs Jane Akuwudike

(Class VII Teacher)


Outdoor Curriculum and Gardening: 

Ms Kirsty Featherstone



 Mr Christopher Hammond

Mathematics & Science:

Mr. Brogden

British Sign Language:

 Robert Morgan

Assistant : Rafiki Bellamy



Mr Stephen Henshall

Kindergarten SENCo: 

Mrs Annina Ovington McCormick

Learning Support Teacher: 

Mrs Sarah Chandler

High-Level Teaching Assistant:

Ms Alex Brew 

High-Level Teaching Assistant (Class VI):

Jade Su Yun Armstrong

Art Therapist: 


Equality and Diversity Lead: Ms Stephanie Gill 


Lunch Club Leaders

Kindergarten Outdoor teacher:  

Sevim Metin

Early Childhood Practitioner- Kindergarten:  

Ms Eriko Kawashima


Stay and Play Group leaders

Ms Stephanie Gill and Mrs Nicoletta Favetta


Administration & HR Manager: 

Mrs Tamara Allen


Ms Pam Mattis

Admissions and Marketing Officer:

Ms Maisie Kendall

Facilities and Support

Facilities Manager:

Ms Alexandra Julin






Lee Scopes



School Business Manager: 

Mr Ashad Auckburally

Book Keeping: 

Mr Oleg Gailians