St Paul's Steiner

Class Reps


Apple Tree - Joe Pipal and John Devitt

Chestnut Tree - Harry Percival and  Faye Fornasier

Mulberry Bush - Oana Cotiusca and Tali Silver 

Rosebush - Tomomi Miyakawa and Dayle Farrell

 Class I

 Niamh Devane and Tatiana McCormick  

Class II

 Maisie Kendall and Gemma Booth 

 Class III

 Olivier Allen and Ruanna Brook

 Class IV

 Claudia Pasquero and Stephanie Lanza 

Class V

Pat Lehner  and Adriana Candeias

 Class VI 

Dionne Compton 

 Class VII

Rena Beck and Mopsa Wolff

 Class VIII

 Debi Ani and Miranda Nunhofer