St Paul's Steiner

communicating with the school


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions big or small !

As always, if your child is absent or will have a medical appointment, please email Pam Mattis: This email should also be used if you would like your child to join lunch club.

Your class teacher remains your first point of contact if you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s experience at school: the curriculum, discipline, homework etc. 

The Class teacher emails can be found below: 

Class One  –  Achala Wickramaratne 

Class Two   –  Alice Watts 

Class Three  –  Marina Cook 

Class Four  –   Simone Freeman 

Class Five  – Georgina Tate 

Class Six  – Ethan Reeves 

Class Seven  –  Rachel Steggall 

Class Eight  –   Lucy Mellor 

Apple Tree KG  – Sarah Newby 

Chestnut Tree KG  –  Stephanie Gill 

Mulberry Bush KG – Julia Allan                 

Rosebush KG  –  Elena Oliver Andres           

The SENCo, Annina McCormick will assist you if your child has any special educational needs and can be contacted at

If you have a question for a subject teacher, please email and your email will be passed to the relevant person.

If you have questions regarding the curriculum as a whole, email the College of Teachers Chair, Ethan Reeves at

If you have any questions about the provision as a whole please don't hesitate to contact the Headteacher Anna Retsler via the school office.

The school finance team, led by our School Business Manager Ashad Auckburally, can be reached by emailing

For questions around  admissions, email Ana Bazani at

School office mailbox is accessed only by the Administration & HR Manager, Tamara Allen who will pass all communications to the relevant parties -