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black history month in kindergarten

An update from Elena, Julia, Stephanie, Sarah and Mita

This October we are celebrating Black History Month with some beautiful new books in our Kindergartens, representing families from a variety of cultures and races.  It is our hope that all children will see themselves reflected among the storybooks in their kindergarten. Our thanks to Stephanie for all her work sourcing the books.

One of the kindergarten assistants, Sevim, is leading a project to make new multicultural dolls, dolls clothes, blankets, puppets and dressing up clothes for each Kindergarten. Look out for a letter from her soon, detailing how you can get involved.

Teachers are telling the story or doing a puppet show of 'The Name of the Tree,' a story from South Africa, which the children are really enjoying. We have also been learning some new rhymes such as: 

Abna Babna Lady Snee
Ocean Potion, Sugar and Tea
Potato Roast, And English Toast
Out goes s/he   (Caribbean) 

Sourced from 'Over the hills and far away,' collected by Elisabeth Hammill. 

If any families in school or Kindergarten have any stories, rhymes, finger games or skipping games from your childhoods, that could enrich our resources, we would love to hear from you. 

Elena, Julia, Stephanie, Sarah and Mita
Kindergarten Teachers