St Paul's Steiner

further update on school opening january 10th

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Dear Families, 

I hope you are managing to have a restful weekend. 

Our overall aim continues to be the welfare of children and staff at St Paul's. We follow the latest changes in guidance and adapt to the serious situation we find ourselves in. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the late announcement regarding critical workers’ children and reception aged children attending school during the lockdown. I share your frustration. 

Children of critical workers should ONLY attend if there are no other options. So, if there is someone at home, working or not, your child/ren should stay at home for the time being. 

I am sure that this will change back soon, and all critical workers’ children will again be welcomed back into school. 

Reception aged children (Moon) should now also stay at home, unless your child is vulnerable, or you are a critical worker without any other options. This is different from last week when children who fall under the EYFS could attend. If your child is born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016, then your child should stay at home from tomorrow. I am sorry about this.

We hope that this current spike in infections will soon plateau and begin to drop and that the government will allow more groups into school as soon as that happens. I hope that you will help me in this, by keeping to the guidance of best practice to help stop the spread! 

With much gratitude, 

Anna Retsler