St. Paul’s Steiner School is an independent, non-selective and non-denominational school for children aged 3-14 years old.

Housed in a beautiful 19th century church in central London, St. Paul’s is a Steiner-Waldorf School. We provide an education that supports the development of well-rounded human beings who are resourceful, creative, responsible and curious; ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century with the problem-solving skills required for a sustainable future.

Limited places still available in this academic year.

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The Friday Flier

The most recent Friday Flier was sent  on 14th June. The Flier is usually published every Friday during term and the next issue will be sent on 21st June.

Ofsted Report 2019

“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.” “Pupils are very confident, thoughtful and articulate learners.”

Dear all; it is with great pleasure that I attach our final Ofsted Inspection Report. It makes great reading and I am sure you will recognize St Paul’s and the wonderful pupils and staff.

While this is a report that reflects the enormous dedication of the staff and Trustees here, it also speaks volumes about the children and the incredible positivity of the parent body reflected in the parent voice. We really appreciated the support of all. We hope this Inspection will help the Steiner Waldorf community as a whole preserve and develop its particular contribution to the schools landscape in this country.

The couple of areas for development at St Paul’s identified we are making progress on. So assessment for learning without testing or over-burdening the children or staff is being refined. Attendance is improving and it was a tad frustrating that Pupil’s Personal Development, behaviour and welfare would have been graded outstanding but for attendance. This is a minor disappointment in what must be seen as a really successful Inspection.

Well done to all and thank you for the unstinting team-work.

We would like to have a celebratory Parent meet on Wednesday 8th May at 7pm in the school hall and similarly a coffee morning the following day Thursday 9th May at 8.35 in the school hall to include as many of you as possible.

Warmest of wishes …Simon and Anna

St Pauls Steiner School OFSTED Report

Welcome from Simon Birch – Team Leader

It is a great privilege to lead St Paul’s School through a period of transition and development.

School Policies

February 2019

The school’s ‘British Values’ statement can be found on the policies page along with all school policies and procedures

The parents’ handbook

September 2018

A copy of the new parents’ handbook is available from the policies page here.