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Easter Eurythmy Festival - Parents invited

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This event will take place between 2:15pm and 3:30pm on 30/03/2023

Dear Parents/ Carers,

You are warmly invited to the Easter Eurythmy Festival, on Thursday 30th March at 2.15pm (doors open at 2.05pm).

Parents/ Carers of Classes I and II children: as Thursday is normally a short day and the Easter Eurythmy Festival is in the afternoon, please confirm with your class teacher if your child cannot attend the festival.  

Friday 31st March will be a short day (pick up time 1.15pm), however, the  children in Classes I to VIII will celebrate the last day of term with their teachers, only the kindergarten children will share the day with both parents/carers and teachers.


Eurythmy is an art of movement, which benefits not only the motor functions, and a sense of joy in movement, literature and music, but also brings into focus the social awareness of each child who participates. This emphasis on the social element is perhaps why Steiner said that without Eurythmy a school could not be called a Waldorf Steiner school. 

As you may know, Eurythmy is a key part of Waldorf education. Here at St Paul’s, each class participates in Eurythmy lessons, and we even have a voluntary lunch club, which has turned out to be extremely popular with over 20 members!


As we are a large community, we need to go over some housekeeping rules:

This is a no camera event apart from our designated school photographer. Please ensure your phone is switched off during the Festival.

The school children's festival is for that section of the community as the Kindergarten have their separate Festival on Friday.

We need a way of controlling numbers/ tickets so only Marquess gate will be used. We will open at 2.05pm for a 2.15pm prompt start.

Please book your ticket from Reception or ringing the school, as numbers are limited, in accordance with space capacity. The tickets are free, however, we would like all the children to have the possibility of having one guest present; we recommend one ticket per family booked by 24thMarch, all remaining tickets after this date to be allocated to anyone as a first come first serve basis.

In case you hear the fire alarm, the school becomes silent. Teachers will take the children to the assembly point outside Marquess gate. The school children must stay with their teacher. All parents will exit through the project space and move swiftly to the green through the St Paul's Road gate. The school children will be counted, and the building swept. Let this process happen without distraction so please stay on the green away from the classes.

The pupils, Dr. Minou- our pianist, and I are looking forward to sharing the eurythmy work of this term with you all!


All best wishes,

Mrs. Diana Skinner,


Eurythmy Teacher