The College of Teachers

The College of Teachers

College has the role of defining the ethos of the Steiner Waldorf school and its curriculum.  The College of Teachers meet weekly each Thursday after school during term-time. College is made up of staff members who have been at the school for more than a year. Members make a deeper commitment to taking responsibility for the wellbeing and development of the school. One of the main roles of College is to ensure that the teachers in the school continue to develop their understanding of Steiner Waldorf education. College is committed to studying anthroposophy, as this is the foundation of Waldorf education. To this end:

  • College conducts weekly studies of anthroposophy and Steiner Waldorf pedagogy. All staff members are invited to the study part of the College meeting. College is currently studying ‘The Foundations Of Human Experience’ by Rudolf Steiner (previously titled ‘The Study of Man’), the series of lectures he presented to the teachers at the beginning of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • College is a forum for consultation, advice and recommendations for the Head, other teachers and departments. It is a reflective meeting where expertise, experience and wisdom can be sought and shared.
  • The College Chair attends the School Business Development weekly meetings as college representative in business, financial and school development matters.
  • College is responsible for the Curriculum policy.
  • College members represent all areas of the school: Head Teacher, Kindergarten, Lower and Middle School, Subject Teachers, SEN teachers, and the building project. Chairs of Early Years and Class Teachers meetings are also members.
  • College supports child study in both EY and Class teacher departments. Child Study may take place in College, at times with school doctor present.
  • College is a place of community for the teachers and an opportunity for continuous professional development. College fosters community in the teaching body also by having a shared meal together before the meeting.
  • College invites school and community members, trustees, advisors and other visitors to attend meetings from time to time or on request.
  • College has a representative on the building project, which enables the project to deepen insight into the philosophy of the school and its activities.
  • College has representatives on the SPCG (St Paul’s Community Group) and the Communications group.

College Members 2019-20

Diana Constantin Skinner 
College Chair
Eurythmy teacher

Anna Retsler
Head Teacher
Quality of education classes 1 to 8

Simone Freeman
Safeguarding lead
Class 8 teacher

Julia Allan
Quality of education EY
Mulberry- bush kindergarten teacher

Lucy Mellor
Chair Teachers meeting
Class 6 teacher

Lauren Robinson
Chair Early Years meeting
Chestnut- tree kindergarten teacher

Elena Oliver Andres
Deputy safeguarding lead
Rosebush kindergarten teacher

Annina McCormick

Achala Wickramaratne
Assessment Coordinator; SPCG
Class 7 teacher

Sarah Newby
Apple tree kindergarten teacher  (on sabbatical autumn term)

Mita Nesi 
EY Gardening teacher and lunch club leader

Ethan Reeves
Communications Group
Class 4 teacher

Jane Akuwudike
Drama and English teacher

Clive Henderson
Building Project Advisor

Very Garcia
Rosebush kindergarten assistant

Nicoletta Favetta
Kindergarten assistant

Rachel Steggall
Class 5 teacher

Gemma Suggitt
Class 2 teacher

Kirsty Featherstone
Outdoor Learning