Supporting the work of the teachers

Supporting the work of the teachers


Television, Computers and DVD

These are all embedded in our culture and taken for granted to such a degree that it is often difficult for us to question their value. Medical research shows that screen-based activity such as TV and computer games can have a negative effect on children (brain activity, concentration, heart-beat, emotional balance and well-being); the younger the child, the greater is this negative effect. It is important that TVs and computers are not kept in your child’s room so that his/her bedroom is free to be a place of rest and comfort. We ask parents to limit their children’s exposure to unsuitable and unmonitored access to media such as television, cinema, DVDs, computers and console games., internet websites and chat rooms. Use of mobile phones and iPods should also be carefully monitored and restricted if appropriate.

By sending your child to our school will be making a considerable investment in both time and money. This investment in your child’s education will be undermined by exposure to these media in their early years and childhood. For the well being of your child and to enable them to benefit from Waldorf education, please follow these guidelines

  • Early Years: no regular screen-based activity
  • Classes I to V: limited and monitored access to TV at weekends only, no computer based activities.
  • Classes VI to VIII: moderate, supervised access to TV at weekends and, moderate, supervised access to computer at weekends

Home Rhythms

For both children and adults, we see that rhythm plays an important role. We sleep and wake, we breathe in and out, and we pass through the seasons again and again. If the daily life of our children is chaotic, they are more likely to become jumpy and unsettled as a result of having to adjust continually to new situations. We ask therefore that parents create and maintain supportive rhythms in home life as much as possible.


Kindergarten starts at 8.15am. Children should be collected from the Kindergarten garden at 1pm.

Please notify the teacher in advance if your child is to be collected by someone other than their parent.

The Main School doors open at 8.15 am for children from Class I upwards and children must be ready in class to start lessons at 8.30 am. Children should be collected within 15 minutes of the end of their last lesson. Please notify the teacher in advance if your child is to be collected by someone other than their parent.

The school will willingly take responsibility for pupils for up to 15 minutes after the end of school to accommodate unexpected delays. Beyond these times the school must continue to accept responsibility for a pupil, but has limited resources to do so. After a child has been handed over to its parents at the end of the day, the responsibility of the child becomes that of the parent who must ensure that the child observes the school rules and boundaries.

Absence from School

When a child is absent from school, for whatever reason, parents/carers should email or telephone 0207 226 4454 by 8.30 am. If no one answers your call, choose option 1 and leave a message on the answer phone, clearly stating who is reporting the absence, the name of the child, the class attended and the reason for the absence. You must call the school daily for as long as the illness lasts, unless otherwise agreed with the class teacher.

When the child returns to school, the parent/guardian must hand in a dated and signed note stating the reasons for absence to the teacher. This is required even when a phone call has been made. A doctor’s medical certificate must be submitted for sickness lasting five days or more. Whenever possible, parents/guardians should make medical and dental appointments out of school hours. When this is not possible, teachers would appreciate a week’s notice.
Absences of pupils are monitored and recorded. The class teacher will call a meeting with the parents/guardians if the absence level becomes a cause of concern.

Unnecessary Absence

The law requires that parents ensure all children of compulsory school age receive full-time education during term-time. We regard any unnecessary absence as educationally detrimental because children will miss vital content that cannot be caught up with at home.

As our holidays are longer than state schools’, we normally will not authorise pupils to be absent during term-time.  Request for any time off during term-time has to be requested in writing using the appropriate form. The form is available from the school office

Please do not book any time off unless confirmed in writing that it has been authorised.

Standards of Behaviour in School

All parents, teachers, children and other staff members are expected to behave with respect towards each other and their surroundings. The principles of the school’s Positive Behaviour and Discipline Policy are that:

  • Children have a right to be cared for
  • Children have a right to learn;
  • Teachers have a right to teach;
  • Everyone has a right to be safe;
  • Everyone has a right to be heard;
  • Everybody has a right to grow and to make mistakes;
  • Children should help look after each other and the environment;
  • Children must allow others to learn;
  • Children should do their best in school;
  • All adults should maintain a safe environment;
  • Everyone should listen.
  • If a parent has reason to believe that their child is being bullied, they should go straight to the child’s teacher who will deal with the matter with the help of the parents and other teachers.

Personal Property in School

While books are welcome, radios, iPods, computer games, comics, magazines and toys should not be brought to school.

Dress Code

There is no school uniform. Clothing with printed commercial motifs, pictures, combat and camouflage gear are not allowed. Parents are asked to dress their children as follows and to mark all items with the child’s name:

Early Years: practical, warm clothes appropriate to the season and to the wear and tear of the classroom. You also need to supply the School with the following items for the length of the academic year:

  • Good quality waterproof (trousers and jacket)
  • Wellington boots
  • Slippers
  • A winter hat
  • A summer hat
  • Winter gloves
  • Sun cream
  • A full set of spare clothes (underwear, socks, trousers and top). A bag will be provided to store these items.

Classes I to III: practical, warm clothes appropriate to the season and to the wear and tear of the classroom. We also ask that you supply the following items for the length of the academic year:

  • Good quality waterproof (trousers and jacket)
  • Wellington boots
  • Slippers/plimsolls
  • Goggles if needed (a separate consent form is required for these)

Classes IV to VIII: Practical, warm clothes appropriate to the season and to the wear and tear of the classroom. We also ask that you supply the School with the following items for the length of the academic year:

  • A pair of indoor shoes
  • Good quality waterproof (trousers and jacket)
  • Good quality Gore-Tex walking shoes
  • Miscellaneous Classes II to VIII: Children from Class II to VIII also need a towel for swimming/sailing lessons.

Children from Classes V to VIII will need a school games kit. In addition to this kit the children need a good waterproof pair of trainers suitable for running (no Converse or indoor plimsolls)

Your Class Teacher will advise if it is necessary to purchase Eurythmy shoes.

Children should not wear more than one piece of simple jewellery or more than one set of earrings. Earrings should be studs for Health and Safety reasons. Make-up and nail varnish are inappropriate and not permitted.


Each kindergarten has its own arrangements for mid-morning snack time but typically parents are asked to supply fruit and vegetables (organic where possible) for the children’s snack. Each teacher will give full information at the beginning of term. If a child has special dietary needs, please tell inform your teacher.

For those in the classes, school lunches are not provided, so children should are asked to bring a mid-morning snack, and a packed lunch and hot or cold drinks as necessary. The school encourages healthy eating and snacks and lunches should not include fizzy drinks, crisps or sweets and chocolates.


The school supplies necessary books, crayons, pencils, eurythmy shoes etc. A charge may be made for recorders, regular fares (for example to Hampstead Heath), school outings and trips.

School Trips

The classes have visits to places of interest such as museums and farms and to Steiner House for performances from time to time as well. Parents will be asked to cover the cost of fares and entrance fees, and one or more parents are usually needed to accompany the group. From Class II onwards children may be taken on camping trips; as a city school we try to give the children an experience of country life and the changing of the seasons. The school rules still apply to children and parents whilst on school trips and outings.