Welcome to St Paul’s Steiner School

St. Paul’s Steiner School is an independent, non-selective and non-denominational school for children aged 3 – 14 years old.

Housed in a beautiful 19th century church in central London, St. Paul’s is a Steiner-Waldorf School. We provide an education that supports the development of well-rounded human beings who are resourceful, creative, responsible and curious; ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century with the problem-solving skills required for a sustainable future.

Limited places still available in this academic year.

Transforming a church into a school

Transforming St. Paul’s Church into a Steiner school from St Pauls Steiner School on Vimeo.

The effect of screen exposure on children

On Thursday 17th September 2015 at 7pm in the Nave, Dr Tessabella Lovemore will give a talk about the effect of screen exposure on children.

Dr Tessabella Lovemore PhD has a private practice as a Counsellor and Education Consultant specialising in affective factors in schools (the connections between relationships, behaviour, emotions, and learning).

Tessabella is a dynamic speaker on a wide range of subjects concerning human development, relationships and behaviour. Between the years of 1974 to 1993 she taught in Steiner/Waldorf schools; and since 1994 she has been engaged in a number of research projects including a large study on the effects of television viewing, and her personal research into teachers’ understanding of how children learn morally.


New After School Clubs

As a new initiative starting in the Autumn term 2015/16, we are planning to run some after school clubs.  Initially we will have three clubs targeting various age ranges in the school, as described below and, if successful, we will look at further developing the programme.

More details are here

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