Fees per annum for 2018/2019

Kindergarten £7,385

Class I and II £8,080

Class III and IV £8,225

Class V £8,400

Class VI £8,450

Class VII  and VIII £8,560

More detail about current fees can be downloaded here; School Fees and Other Charges 2018/19

Community subsidised places at the school:
The income of the school is derived solely from fees paid by parents.  Each year an amount of this income is allocated to discounts from the full fee package for families in need.  The school is not able to offer long term support but this fund is in place to help families with very small children who are unable to work full time or families with other specific difficulties.   If you wish to apply for support from the school you will need to supply validated information about your income and expenses (P60 from the last year, most recent payslips, copy of 3 months bank statements and any expenses claimed for) and be able to show that you have a feasible plan to be able to increase your commitment and be able to pay the full fees in the long term.

Our school fees are low compared to most independent schools, we have no subsidy from any outside body.

Fee assistance
Because of our own limited funds we can offer only limited fee assistance on the principle that it is the last resort for funding of school fees.  Applicants must consider all other possible sources of funding before turning to the school.

The application form can be downloaded here:  Financial Questionnaire 2018/19

You should complete it and return it to the School Office.  Please bring copies of your supporting documents to the school office before the deadline.

School bank accounts

Payment of fees (including Registration)

For International payments of fees from abroad:

IBAN: GB77 CPBK 0892 9965 2961 18

Payment for Deposits

Account name: St Paul’s Steiner Project 2
Bank: HSBC
Sort code: 40-03-33
Account number: 41218603       

For international payments of deposits from abroad:

IBAN: GB04MIDL40033341218603
BIC:  MIDLGB2141B             

NB. Please ensure that all payments carry the child’s name as reference, in order that they can be allocated correctly.Please also confirm by e-mail to finance@stpaulssteinerschool.org, whenever a payment has been sent in respect of deposits, or when a standing order has been set up.

Notice of withdrawal
A term’s notice, or payment of a term’s fees in lieu of notice, is required when a child leaves the school. Notice must be given before the first day of the child’s last term at the school. Where notice is not given or is given after the first day of the term, fees due in lieu of notice are calculated as follows: One third of the annual fees are due from the 1st day of the month after the school is made aware in writing  that the child is leaving the school.