Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

Selection for entry

Selection for entry to the school will be made on the basis of the Admissions process. Specifically we consider:

  1. Paul’s suitability for her/his age, ability or special educational needs.
  2. Whether we can make reasonable adjustment to accommodate a particular pupil’s needs.
  3. Whether the acceptance of the applicant is compatible with the efficient education of the children already placed in our school.
  4. Whether we have the resources to meet his/her needs within our own Learning Support Team.

Initially a new child might need some extra tuition in certain areas; in foreign languages or music for example. The cost of extra tuition will be covered by parents, except where additional tuition is a reasonable adjustment for a disabled person within the meaning of section 20 Equality Act 2010. The School is entitled to take into account the cost of a reasonable adjustment when determining whether it is reasonable.

Although we would hope that pupils can enjoy their entire education here, progression from the kindergartens to Class I is not automatic and an admissions process takes place at this stage.

Although we welcome pupils transferring from other Steiner schools, the normal admission procedure still applies.

Special Needs

We aim to follow the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2015. Where resources and the curriculum allow, adjustments will be made to accommodate children with medical or Special Educational Needs. As part of the admission process, in the case of pupils with medical needs, a risk assessment will take place as well as consultation with relevant specialists to ensure that an informed decision is made.

We strive to provide an inclusive education and will consider all applications carefully. Unfortunately sometimes we have to take the difficult decision that the school cannot meet a child’s special educational needs adequately.


In case of oversubscription, the order of priority is:

  • Siblings
  • Children of staff
  • Children transferring from other Steiner schools
  • Length of time on waiting list


Appeals about an Admissions decision must be made to the Principal in writing within 5 working days of the receipt of the admissions decision. A response to an appeal will normally be provided within 10 working school days of receipt unless external specialist advice is required in which case a response will be provided as soon as practicable.

Temporary Education away from St Paul’s and re-entry.

If a child is away from St. Paul’s for an authorised reason, their place will be kept in the class for up to one term provided that parent(s) continue to pay the fees up to date and in full.

St. Paul’s classes and their equivalents in the State sector

The chart below is designed to show the order of the classes at St. Paul’s, the ages of the children in each class and how these correspond with schools in the state sector. The cut off birth date for a class is 31st August, while in the state sector it is the 1st September. We regard the month of August as a borderline month and will look especially carefully at pupils with August birthdays.

Children enter Class I in the September after their sixth birthday. Pupils leaving at the end of Class VIII would enter Year 10 in a state school.

St. Paul’s Age State
Parent & Child Groups 0 – 3½ Playgroups, nurseries
Kindergarten Yr 1 and 2 3 – 5 Nursery & Reception
Kindergarten Yr 3 5 – 6 (Infants) Yr. 1
Class 1 Lower School 6 – 7 Yr. 2
Class 2 Lower School 7 –8 (Juniors) 3
Class 3 Lower School 8 – 9 4
Class 4 Lower School 9 – 10 5
Class 5 Lower School 10 – 11 6
Class 6 Middle School 11 – 12 (Secondary) 7
Class 7 Middle School 12 – 13 8
Class 8 Middle School 13 – 14 9