Vacant – Please see Governance page.

Chairs of College

Simone Freeman & Elizabeth Perrett

Early Years

Mulberry Bush Kindergarten
Teacher:  Mrs Julia Allan (Chair of Early Years Meeting)
Assistant: Stephanie Gill

Rosebush Kindergarten
Teacher: Ms Elena Oliver Andres
Assistant: Ms Very Garcia

Apple Tree Kindergarten
Teacher: Mrs Sarah Newby
Assistant:  Mrs Rebecca Hodgson

Chestnut Kindergarten
Teacher: Ms Lauren Robinsons
Assistant: Ms Joanna McEwan

Class Teachers

Class I: Mrs Cathy Brick

Class II: Mrs Shefali Gudka

Class III: Mr Edward Marston

Class IV: Ms Lucy Mellor (Chair of the Teacher Meeting)

Class V: Ms Achala Wickramaratne

Class VI: Ms Simone Freeman

Class VII:  Ms Elizabeth Perrett

Class VIII: Ms Anna Retsler

Subject Teachers and Support Staff

Art Therapist: Vacant

Eurythmy Kindergarten: Vacant

Eurthymy Class I – VIII: Mrs Diana Skinner

Curative Eurythmist: VACANT

Pianist: Ms Andriana Minou

Violin: Ms Salomé Rateau

French Language: Ms Francoise Voitot

Games and Bothmer: Mrs Zoe Russell

German Language: Ms Katharina Wanjohi

Handwork: Ms Nina Gebauer and Ms Martha Garland

Music: Carolina Pintos

Outdoor Curriculum: Ms Beatrice Bless

Woodwork: Mr Pablo Gardiabazal

Mathematics and RE: Mr Paul Murray

SENCo: Mrs Annina Ovington McCormick

Learning Support Teachers: Ms Kate Armstrong ansd Mrs Sarah Kafri

Classroom Assistants:  Mr James Hoey, Mr Ethan Reeves

Lunch Club Staff

Leader  Kindergarten:  Ms Mita Nesi

Lunch Club Assistants –  Kindergarten: Nicoletta Favetta, Eriko Kawashima

Lunch Club Leader Classes: Mr Ethan Reeves

Cook and Lunch Club Assistant Classes: Miss Rosa Brogden

Parent and Child Group leader

Mrs Mariela Echeverria


School Administrator: Mrs Tamara Allen

Reception: Ms Pam Mattis

Assistanst: Ms Ana Bazani & Ms Joanna McEwan

Facilities Manager: Mr Jack Stone

Caretaker: Mr Derek Lee

Website administrator: Mr Stephen Mersereau


Bursar: Mrs Helen Smither

Book Keeping: Mr Oleg Gailans