The school is a registered charity (No. 1076454) and currently has 7 Trustees.

Any communication for the attention of the Trustees may be emailed to or sent to the school office.

Sarah Alexander


Sarah is the Head of Safeguarding for Children Services in Haringey, a safeguarding expert and a qualified social worker.

She has worked across North and East London in a number of local authorities, over the past 30+ years. She has a deep interest in the influence on children of their day to day lived experiences, attachments and brain development. She wants to support the school through her knowledge and experience in children’s work.

Sarah has two adult sons and when not working,  enjoys running and travelling – preferably combined.

Jeremy Biggin

Health and Safety

Jeremy was nominated to the board of trustees in 2014 and formally joined in 2015, with specific responsibility for health and safety, having been engaged in the development work of St. Paul’s since 2005.

He is a chartered Architect who works in the property development sector.  He provides technical and managerial solutions for two separate investment companies, whilst offering strategic investment analysis on acquisitions and development proposals.  He holds directorships in several property development entities where he manages the investment of private funds and structured bank financing.

He has extensive experience with the redevelopment of listed buildings and the procurement of construction projects.

He is married and has two children at St. Paul’s Steiner School.

Anton Dell


Anton was appointed a Trustee in 2016.

He has many years’ experience in the world of fashion; in retail, manufacturing and as an agent. For the last twenty years, he has been CEO of a global consultancy that helps companies worldwide to export.

He has a great passion for anything cultural and can be found at the theatre or a concert as often as time allows.

He is a great advocate of Steiner education and has been closely connected with Kings Langley for 20 years.  Two of his children have been from KG to class 13 in Kings Langley where for 10 years he was chair of the PTFA as well as responsible for fundraising.

John Hadden


John has been a Trustee since 2003.  He is a recording producer and engineer whose work has appeared on many CD labels and has won most European awards. He also teaches and records faculty, postgraduate students and ensembles at twice-yearly residencies within the College of Music at the Florida State University.

John’s daughter attended St Paul’s from Parent and Child though Class 8 and then attended Kings Langley through Class 11. In 2001 when his daughter was in Kindergarten John became involved with St Paul’s as a charter member of the School Management Group, later the Resource Management Group, with responsibility for finances. In 2003 he was co-opted as a Trustee, first with responsibility for finance and now for premises. His wife is Kindergarten Assistant at St Michael Steiner School.

Miranda Nunhofer

Company Secretary, HR

Miranda has been a Trustee at St Paul’s Steiner School since 2012. She has worked in Academic Publishing for over 20 years and is currently Executive Director at SAGE Publications. Miranda joined the Senior Management Group at SAGE in 2008 and as part of this group has operational and financial oversight over the business in London as well as being actively engaged in the strategic focus of the business and in guiding the culture of the organisation.

Miranda has two children who have both attended St Paul’s Steiner school since Kindergarten.

James Macdonald Wright

Chair of Trustees (Interim), Business Development  

James was co-opted to the board of trustees in March 2017 with a specific brief to help with the development of the proposed Upper School and business development. He lives in Hackney and is married with three children at the school.

He is a Chartered Architect and is founder and director of Macdonald Wright Architects which specialises in low energy housing. Outside work James spends as much time as possible with his family in Kent.

Alex Wolpert


Alex was a pupil at Michael Hall Steiner School for 15 years before training as an actor in London returning some years later to work at the school as a trustee. Alex was co-opted in 2017 to work as a trustee at St Paul’s to help with business structure and communications. He has three children at the school and lives in Hackney.

He founded and now runs a successful gin and whisky distillery in east London as well as running a small film production company.