Governance and Management of the School

From September 2017 St Paul’s Steiner school is under an Interim Management Structure. For all references to a Principal, Sarah Newby and Diana Constantin-Skinner (the College Chairs) currently hold responsibility.

Governance, Leadership and Management

St Paul’s Steiner Project I and St Paul’s Steiner Project II are companies limited by guarantee; they are governed by their memorandum and articles of Association and are registered as charities with the Charity Commission. Together the Charities provide the legal framework for the practice and development of Rudolf Steiner education.   All parents with children attending St Paul’s Steiner School are invited to become members of the Associations after a year in the School. Membership is also open to staff (after a year’s employment) and other interested parties.  Details of how to apply together with the Memorandum and Articles of the Association are available from the Secretary to the Associations via the School office or from the Chair of Trustees.

The Association holds an annual AGM when the Trustees are appointed and held accountable by the members for the effective governance of the school.  The Annual accounts are presented to members together with the Trustees’ reports.


The trustees are volunteers who provide strategic leadership and accountability to the school. They hold legal and financial responsibility and ensure Independent School Standards are met. The trustees work to make the school successful setting the right strategic direction and enabling an effective Pedagogical and Administrative management team to deliver it. It is about agreeing priorities and monitoring progress towards them. It is not about running or managing the school – that is the job of the paid professionals.

Working as a team, the trustees give their time to support and challenge the leadership team as they strive for the best possible education, learning environment and future prospects for the children in our school. They aim to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance in terms of the education and financial performance at St Paul’s.

The trustees meet at least twice a term in the evenings. Details of the trustees of St Paul’s Steiner School including emails can be found here.

All emails are confidential. Alternatively, you can write to:

Chair of the Trustees
St Paul’s Steiner School
1 St Paul’s Road
N1 2QH

Trustees are proposed by the St Paul’s Steiner Project Association members or can be co-opted by the existing trustees and then ratified at the next AGM. If you are are interested in becoming a trustee and have skills which may support a particular role please feel free to speak to any of the current trustees.

Trustee roles include:

Premises (Vacant)
Education (Vacant)
PTFA / Association

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team includes the Chair of College, EY’s Chair, TM Chair, the Educational Co-ordinator, the Administration Manager and the Bursar. Its function is to share, streamline and coordinate information and review and make decisions. If you have a general concern please address it to the Leadership Team

Please Note: –

If your concern is regarding a member of staff please contact HR directly by emailing

 If your concern is regarding the welfare and safeguarding of a child please contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead – Tamara Allen by emailing  or calling 0207226 4454.


The Trustees delegate authority for decision making with regard to pedagogical issues to College. It is the central task of College to maintain the integrity of St Paul’s Steiner School as a Steiner Waldorf School.

College works in a collegial and consultative way in partnership with teachers and staff. College has the responsibility for pedagogical management and the development of the education. It is responsible for the effective pedagogical management of the school but has chosen to delegate the day to day tasks to the following departments within the school. These departments meet regularly and report to College.

To contact college please email:

Early Years Meeting and Teachers Meeting

In these meetings, teachers work together to deepen their understanding of child development and the education; curriculum development and practice. This includes planning, trips and outings, festivals preparation and child study. These meetings also support weekly planning and assessment meetings held by Early Years, Classes I – III, IV and V, and the Middle School.

Staff Development Group

The Staff Development Group holds responsibility for Human Resources; recruitment and oversees mentoring, advising, appraisals, and opportunities for professional development and training. This group liaises with College, Early Years and Teachers Meeting and meets weekly with administration.

Safeguarding Group

St Paul’s Steiner School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The Safeguarding Group meets weekly.

Safeguarding Lead: Anna Retsler, Educational Co-ordinator
Deputy Lead for the school: Tamara Allen, Administration Manager
Deputy Lead for Early Years: Elena Oliver Andres

To contact Safeguarding group please email:

Communication Group

The communication group meets regularly and their role is to help the flow of communication throughout the school. If you have queries, suggestions and ideas, or if you are not sure where to take a communication, all these can be brought to the group.  All queries will be delegated to relevant areas and processed according to school policies.

The group welcomes communication from parents and teachers via email and also in regular weekly surgeries.  Please contact them via

The communications policy outlines routes of communication throughout the school and can be found on the website.

For concerns and complaints please see the concerns and complaints policy and in the first instance contact the person responsible.

St Paul’s Community Group (SPCG)

Communication between the SPCG and College takes place through the College representatives. It is a fruitful forum for sharing ideas about fundraising and other projects.

College also appoints the school’s representative on the Council of the Fellowship of Steiner Waldorf Schools in the UK.

The Bursar – VACANT

The Bursar’s work includes:

  • supervision of facilities management and administration
  • premises
  • bookkeeping
  • credit control
  • financial policy and funding

You can email the Bursar at

Administration Manager – Tamara Allen

  • admissions administration including tours
  • safer recruitment administration
  • safeguarding children including DBS administration
  • attendance audits
  • triggering cycles of policy review
  • liaison with statutory bodies and preparation for inspections
  • administrative support for the Chairs and Co-ordinators
  • First Aid
  • First point of contact for internal and external communications

You can email the Administration Manager at

An organisational chart of the school structure can be found here.