About Our School

Our mission is to educate the whole child in a healthy and balanced manner and to address the physical, emotional, and intellectual capacities of the developing child through an age-appropriate curriculum. We aim to educate today’s children so that they will be equipped to be creative authors of their own lives and sculptors of the planet’s future; free and able to pursue their chosen path in life.


The school feels that it has to speak up in response to certain recent articles in the press.

St Paul’s Steiner School upholds as a priority the values of Diversity. We celebrate difference in every aspect of school life. We would like to distance ourselves completely from any negative association of racist undertones that are in a small part of Rudolf Steiner’s work and which have been a recent topic of debate in the British press.

Also as a school that prioritises the Health and Wellbeing of children, we absolutely uphold Safeguarding as a priority. All staff have regular training, we are always striving for best practice in this area and again we distance ourselves from the negative media coverage recently concerning certain allegations of irregular practices.

In our last inspection the Welfare and Safety of children were deemed to be Outstanding.